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Art is power!
So we give our marketing know-how to the art and share our understanding of art to business.  A well-worked collaboration generates desired results for both parties. Embracing that the artistic quality and challenge is as important as the sense of business. 


Our recurring - twice a year -  exhibitions in Stockholm city in a venue with the best location. We bring the art to the audience instead of the other way around.

Artists interested in exhibiting,  welcome to email us:
We make sure  you receive an invitation and registration form.

Real estate companies interested in hosting an Art To Go exhibition are kindly requested to contact us:


Short, intense and for a less crowdy audience, but at least as interesting as Art To Go ”big crowd”. We remove the price cap SEK 28,000  but continue to present a broad selection of art in terms of techniques, styles, formats and price - just as always!

Artists interested in Inbtween, welcome with your mail to:


A service we offer companies and organisations, who see art as a contributor of strength and edge to their brands. We put together tailored displays or art exhibitions in connection with a special event, a launch or as a HR activity to name a few occasions.


interested in knowing more are kindly requested to contact us:


NFTs, what is it,  how does it work and how do I create it?

 Join our NFT workshops and create your own first NFT. 

3D modeling & printing
From an idea to an actual artwork. Learn the basic steps of 3D- modeling and practice 3D- printing.   
Interested in knowing  more?
Welcome to contact us:


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