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FoKo House & FoKo Friends

FoKo Community
FoKo produces the Art To Go  exhibitions for the benefit of artists and art since 2007. In an openminded style, every Art To Go exhibition has paved  for new tracks of how showing and selling art – an ideas fountain for the art scene. Now launching the FoKo Community, we take a further step to improve and develop the conditions for artists joining the community and as extension a broader and more open art scene for the audience.

How to become a member
Read the "Membership Menu" about our services, collaborations and about the advantages that come with a membership in the community. Send us an e-mail and get the application form and detailed information concerning the two membership options . You fill in the application for one of the two memberships: FoKo House or FoKo Friends. Send your application to: If questions, please e-mail and we'll get back to you.


FoKo House

Access to all services and benefits FoKo House offers

Introduction to the world of FoKo community

FoKo Friends

Membership Menu 

Access to FoKo partners' showrooms 
Cost reduction 

Galleri Diva, Oak Island Gallery, Open Spot

Access to FoKo partners' showrooms
No cost reduction
Galleri Diva, Oak Island Gallery, Open Spot 

Access to FoKo network
when having a separate exhibition

Sales support
when having a separate exhibition 

FoKo Art To Go exhibitions  

Registration fee - 25 % off
Commission - 25% 

Presence on FoKo digital Artshop & digital Art Halls
Commission - 15%
Free administration of sold art works

Exhibition presentation and art hanging
support when having a separate exhibition

FoKo Newsletter “These go to Eleven”

  • ongoing information about public and private scholarships.

  • government funding for public art installation.

  • updates from FoKo partners, about ongoing exhibitions, exciting art performances, etc.

Introduction to NFTs 

Design and production of NFTs

Cost reduction

Community hang out evenings
with program content

Food and drink at cost price 

PR and social media support 

Lovikkavanten – FoKo giftshop
To be launched during 2023 

Special offers in artists' stores

FoKo Art To Go exhibitions
Registration fee - 10% off

Commission - 35%

Design and production of NFTs 
No cost reduction

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