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Our world of events

 Working with event operations is exciting and challenging. Our  events are carried out to benefit art and artists, the audience and to support organizations that struggle for a world that includes instead of excludes; The Non Violence Project, Läxhjälpen, The Swedish childhood cancer foundation.
Some events; Arty walks with action poems, artistic installations on public street lighting, physical and digital art hunts, Art of Hope - yarn booming of public statues in cities all-around Sweden.

My Projects

This is a Project description. Tell us about your work here.

Art of Hope 2022

 Superhero statues in guerrilla handcrafted outfits in Stockholm and artworks donated by artists in the fight against childhood cancer.

Art of Hope  Auction June 17-23 carried out by Stockholms Auktionsverk.
- photos of superhero statues by Klara Fowler

Event NFT 2021

New event autumn 2021 was NFT art. In collaboration with NFT artists, we carried out a digital art shown on "The Frame" - a screen placed on site by Samsung. 

Art of Hope 2021

For the benefit of the Childhood Cancer Foundation.,  Art donated by artists and photos of famous Stockholm statues playfully "yarn bombed" by the knitters of the Guerrilla Art Festival on the theme of "Superheroes".
Stockholm's Auction House

The Non Violence Project

The Non-Violence event in the shopping mall Mood Stockholm was in collaboration with AMF and The non-Violence Project. Art students at Södra Latin and Viktor Rydberg high schools showed their interpretations of the sculpture “Non-Violence” and participated in the training program “Non-Violent Strategies”. 

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