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Arty Escape & 

with Sofie Nordin

#Escape No. 15

Sofie Nordin - entrepreneur and artist

Initiator and founder of BOA - interior design and concept store at Värmdö, Stockholm archipelago

Tell us briefly about yourself

To create is my happy place. Getting colors together, stepping away from the predictable, traditional and the mass productions. The "new new" is my way!  Having me to go deeper. That's probably why I have a fondness for patina and vintage - a passion of mine that gave  the idea to open Boa on Värmdö in the Stockholm archipelago. 

Born with a creative endeavor in most aspects in life, travel has been my major influence since I was young. Growing up in the countryside, I dreamt of traveling the world and so I do.


And when it comes to being influenced by travel, it's like we humans find different rooms in our selves after an experiencing trip. I love to open those rooms to my inner self and return home as a richer person. It is a huge part of my way and how I express myself in life and work. 

What was your latest special arty escape?

Paris in late September. When the city exhales from summer and shines its special light.

What was the purpose of your travel?

Catching impressions and celebrating birthdays.

Did you travel alone or with somebody?

Four girls in different ages along with good shoes.

What places did you visit during this escape?

We walked for hours each day and after experiencing the most obvious parts of Paris with the younger travelers, we ended up spending most of our time in the Marais quarters and the surrounding  arrondissements.

Tell us an anecdote or unforgettable memory from this trip

I wish I had a photo ...
In a vintage shop pretty late, just before dinner I found way to many bargins. Unthinkable to start picking just one or two. Unfortunately only big jackets and sweaters, made in Italy and so on. Looked like a crazy lady heading to dinner with a mountain of "new" favorites to everyone in my family - there are a few. Luckily my company were both patient and strong.
No regrets :)

Favorite restaurants or culinary experience?

"Au Petit Versailles du Marais"
The best eclair! Ever! And the macaroons, wow!

Any hidden gems, you could whisper yo us? 

Definitely Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen!
The history of Paris flee markets is fascinating and this one is the largest in the world.
Bring a big strolling bag AND a patient friend who enjoys the same thing.
Heaven or hell :)


What not to miss?

Strolling in Marais, the most vibes neighborhoods in Paris. Great vintage and personal boutiques, intimate cafés and small music clubs.

What's one of your favorite travel film or book?

I loved "Amelie from Montmartre" when growing up.
"Under the Tuscan sun", "Toscana", "Slumdog millionaire"

And your favorite travel music?

"J'me tire" - Gims
"Love" - Lana Del Ray

"I'm on fire" - Bruce Springsteen

Can you set a scent to this Arty Escape?

It has to be the aroma from small bakery wafts out on the streets in the Marais quarters. A Parisian dream!

What does escape mean to you?

The best escape is a great resource of reflection, to feel gratitude and fill you up with new motivation.
When you take a walk in a city you love and the sun hits graffiti wall and the surroundings dances along - it catches you! The colors, the moment.

Everyone has their uniqueness and I believe that we all can contribute with our energy and give to the world, in different areas.
We do need to escape sometimes to really feel. A big inspiration for life, for work.

Where do you look forward to go next?

Paris! I'm taking the whole family there when turning 40 in a few weeks. Looking forward to experiencing Paris more indoor with great food, drinks and conversations.

Your favorite vehicle when traveling?

I like to travel the way the locals are doing it. So it really depends. But most of all by foot.

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