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With that premise, we create since 2007 powerful exhibitions and gatherings for art and an art loving audience.


Welcome to our digital art shop!
A modern channel for displaying and selling art. Browse through art in all techniques and styles. Want to see the art live? Stop by the exhibition, when on going in its physical show.
Or see the art in VR by visiting our virtual exhibition halls.

Everything is possible!


The independent marketplace directing and producing exhibitions and events for a wide and lively audience. 
We cherish art in all its expressions and invite everyone to catch up with their arty soul by experiencing or by buying art in a joyful way.


A sneak peek from the art shop here below.


The Successful Creator - June 12-21
now extended to June 25
- online interview series directed by artist Karin Holmström
Read all about the interviews, VIP pass and how to download your FoKo art gift "Empire State of Space" - specially created for this event and it's visitors - on tab "Events"

FoKo House & Friends 

A community for artists and art enthu-siasts  i.e for YOU. Find out about the community and the benefits you get access to when joining. Read about the community plan on tab "Membership" where you also request the Application Form or just send us an e-mail to:

AI, NFTs, ChatGPT, OpenAI and blockchains ... 

There is a lot going on and it just keeps on accelerating. A question often asked is: AI, a future threat or a blessing to art and artists? The best way to find out is by learning and get a hold on the new. Welcome to join our clinics and master classes in digital art and learn about the tools and how to use them in your artistic work. Send us an e-mail to:

Interested in exhibiting in Stockholm city? Or do you want to have a go digitally? Then you've come to the right place! Learn more on the "Exhibitions" tab.

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